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Yesterday evening, over 700 prospective pupils and parents attended the school’s Open Evening. As always, this was an extremely positive event, with over 400 Cams Hill pupils volunteering to spend their Thursday evening working with staff to show off the many reasons why we are all so proud of our school. Thank you to all of the staff, pupils and parents who made this evening so successful.

It has been another busy week for the PE department. The Year 10 boys’ football team continued their strong start to the season with a 6-3 victory against Fareham Academy. The Year 11 boys’ football team lost narrowly to Portchester. In netball, the Senior girls beat Fareham Academy 48-10 and the Year 9 girls also beat Fareham Academy 14-10. Thank you to everyone who was involved.

For the last 4 weeks, we have trialling DEAR (Drop Everything And Read). At the beginning of each tutor session, pupils and staff read quietly. Research evidence suggests that people who read widely and for pleasure have greater academic success. Led by Miss Robson in the English Department, this initiative is quickly becoming part of the school culture. It is not just the teaching staff who are taking this opportunity to read- we have been encouraging non-teaching staff to pick up a book for 10 minutes. The library, which has always been busy, has been even busier with pupils visiting more regularly to change their books.

As Year 11 is such a crucial year, we would like to draw parents’ attention to the Year 11 GCSE Parents’ Information Evening which is scheduled to take place on Thursday 19th October at 6.30pm. This evening will provide useful information to help you support your son or daughter over the next 8 months. Further details will be sent out next week.

Finally, with the days beginning to shorten, can we please ask you to remind your children to take additional care when travelling to and from school. The roads are very busy at the beginning and end of the school day so pupils must cross the road at the lights and make sure they are aware of any oncoming vehicles. In particular, it is essential that all pupils who are cycling are wearing helmets. Whilst it is difficult sometimes to persuade teenagers to wear helmets, the safety benefits of wearing them clearly outweigh any minor fashion concerns. Your cooperation in working with the school on this matter is appreciated.

The weekly Headteacher’s blog contains more informal reflections from the week and is available via the following link camsheadteacher.wordpress.com.


Please do take the opportunity to read the letter you will have received and indeed to let us know via office@camshill.com if you have not received this communication. Thank you in anticipation of your continued support.


The weekly Headteacher blog contains more informal reflections from the week and is available via the following link camsheadteacher.wordpress.com.


Cams Hill School is thrilled for all our Year 11 pupils who collected their results today. They worked immensely hard with their teachers and support from their parents/carers to ensure the best possible grades could be achieved in a year of real turbulence Nationally within the GCSE assessment system.
2017 is the year when our Year 11 pupils have been taught new specifications in English and Maths and are awarded grades in these two subjects only from 9-1 (9 being the highest grade and well publicised to be higher than an A*). In all other subjects grades remain for this year awarded as A*- G.
In a year where the ‘magic’ number has become a grade 4 identifying a ‘good pass’ in English and Maths, equivalent to a C grade, we are delighted that so many of our pupils at Cams Hill have achieved this ‘gold standard.’
80% of our pupils achieved a grade 9-4 in English and Maths*
86% of our pupils achieved a grade 9-4 in English*
84% of our pupils achieved a grade 9-4 in Maths*
37% of our pupils achieved the EBACC*
Individual Pupil Success Stories - Particular congratulations go to the following top 17 individual pupils who achieved 8 or more 9’s / A*’s or A’s. Unbelievably brilliant results.
Fraser Barrable
12 GCSEs; English and Maths at grade 9 (higher than an A*) and all other subjects at A*!
Vilte Sukyte
12 GCSEs; English and Maths at grade 9 (higher than an A*) and all other subjects at A*!
The following 15 pupils achieved 8 or more excellent results all containing 9s, A*s and A grades (pupils listed in alphabetical order)
Jess Beach;   Toby Chan;   Elliot Chilton;   Steven Cross;   Josie Czura;   Emma Geoghegan;   Caylan Gibbs;   Emily Lai;   Amy Maxwell;   Rohan Micklethwaite;   Lucy Osborn;   Georgia Salmon;   Edie Shipsey;   Anna Suffolk;   Xanthe West.
*Provisional results
We have a strict no helmet, no bike policy.  Pupils who wish to ride to school must wear their cycle helmet on their head (rather than hung on the handlebars or in their bag).  We ask for your support and positive partnership to work with us to ensure the safety of your child if you wish them to ride their bike to school.
All lockers must be emptied before the end of term.  Pupils are responsible for doing this and there will be time allocated on the last day for them.  Padlocks will also need to be removed as we cannot guarantee that pupils will be allocated exactly the same locker for the new academic year.  Lockers that are not emptied will have their padlocks cut and items emptied during the summer holiday so they can be reallocated. 

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Year 11: GCSE Geography Fieldwork
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